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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I bring my (insert vehicle here)?

    • Yes any vehicle with a capabilities similar to a stock first generation Ford Raptor will be allowed to attend.

    • We are also now allowing SxS for events at Rausch Creek (only on our track) and Burning rock (our track and full trail access). 

  • What should I bring? 

    • All attendees shou​ld show up with a spare tire, a truck full of gas, a mechanically sound vehicle, and a good attitude! 

    • Chase lights are also highly encouraged, If you do not have some please message us so we can find a solution!

  • Do I need prior off-road experience?

    • No, we allow all levels of drivers at our events as long as they have a valid drivers licence​.​

  • Do I need a hand-held radio?​

    • A hand-held radio is not necessary but is encouraged to have to call in hazards that may be encountered on the tracks and trails.

  • Should I bring a helmet?​

    • Yes, a DOT or Snell certified helmet is required for events at Rausch Creek and Burning Rock Offroad Park.​

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